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Argentinian Seminar

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Indigenous Rights in Argentina

Gabriela Vargas-Cetina, Contributing Editor

Argentinean lawyer Teodora Zamudio coordinated last February the first National Seminar on Indigenous Rights and Intellectual Property, at the university of Buenos Aires.  94 participants from several countries and Indigenous regions took part.  At the end of the seminar, they drafted a collective document, asking for more precise legal definitions of terms used to refer to Indigenous peoples such as “community,” people,” “population” and “ethnic group.”  Since Indigenous groups are seen as legal subjects who have traditional knowledge and make use of resources, it is necessary to state clearly the boundaries of Indigenous groups as owners of their collective resources.  Seminar participants are calling for research on Indigenous consuetudinary rights, so that they can be written down and later become part of national legislation.  The areas of research would have to include: rules as to who can be part of each Indigenous group, traditional decision-making processes, and the extent of obligation sanctions convey.  After signing the document, several representatives of Indigenous groups made themselves responsible for research projects pertaining to their own communities.

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